Grace thoughts for encouragement

Some thoughts on grace living….
>>Grace puts aside every barrier & disqualification that has robbed us of our true identity as mature children of God. #jesusgrace transforms!
>>Don’t miss Gods grace & allow offense & bitterness to take root & defile your family. Heb.12:15. Be quick to love & forgive- that’s grace!
>>A profound& hidden truth is that our level of understanding & receiving Gods grace determines our true identity- Without it we are blinded.
>>The good news is also that we no longer have to justify ourselves to others all the time. We are justified by Jesus & allow him to defend us.
>>Jesus died for our sins & was raised to justify us. (Ro.4:25). We don’t have to justify ourselves to God – that’s grace.
>>Many look to the past & yet can’t enjoy today. The reality is, today is the good times you will one day look back on – So enjoy the now!
>>Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed …. being fully convinced God had power to do what he had promised. Yep, just like life today.
>>Gods freely given love & grace, found in Jesus alone, sets us free from the useless religion of law keeping & fear that justified no one.
Be blessed and encourage those around you. We are loved!

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