OrphanAid Office : 149 Fischer Rd, Hillcrest, 3650. KZN.

Our Mission

To use the resources and gifts God has given us to reach out to underprivileged, broken and hurting people, children – especially orphans – and adults, bringing healing, wholeness and empowerment through the gospel of the grace of Jesus Christ, and through the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us and in those we serve.

We believe that once people have received the gospel, training, equipping and discipling of young people is essential to transforming communities for the better.




1. Kids club: 2-fold aim/purpose

  • To share the love of Jesus with AIDS infected and affected orphans and other needy children in the Valley of 1000 Hills.
  • To enhance the children’s major & minor motor skill development as well as muscle development by planning activities that use all the muscle groups and that promote learning and coordination.

2. Mercy ministry: This ministry aims to provide a great opportunity to live out our mission, which is to share God’s love in a practical way with the orphans and needy people in the community.


Many orphans have little input from caring adults and few good role models.  We train and equip children and teenagers, guiding them in leading moral and upright lives through various programs such as:

  • Life skills
  • Bible study groups
  • Mentorship
  • Computers






Visiting teams of volunteers

As we are a small, very hands on, organisation we cannot take many teams, however, we do need teams of volunteers who are prepared to get their hands dirty and also can come with fund to do the work. We do not charge volunteers but we ask them to raise funds so that when they work here they can have money for building material, food, books etc. to bless the orphans and families they are serving. Teams will also have to pay for their own transport, accommodation and food. We will set up a program depending on the size, nature and experience of the team.



Donations can be made to the following account, preferably by direct electronic transfer. Funds donated come directly into Orphan Aid account.
Account Name: Heart to Heart International (Now Grace-Love-Truth)
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Kloof
Branch code: 221526
Account 62081856505.
SWIFT International clearance code: FIRNZAJJ

Wishlist 2015

If we had $50 000-00 this is what we would spend it on.
1. Vehicle – Quantum (15 seated)
– Double cab car
2. Generator ( Three phase ultra-silent)
3. Bibles (100 – Children and adults)
4. 10 Industrial sewing machines
5. 5 Sewing machines
6. Water pump, pipes and sprinklers
7. 4 Farming shelter houses
8. 5 computers
9. Office Printer (all in one)
10. Fence ( 4400 sq.m area)
11. 200litre Solar geyser
12. Wooden house ( 10 by 8 m) for children church and crèche
13. 2 Container for storage (12m high cube)
14. Tent (Frame tent)
15. 2 Gazebos
16. 200 plastic chairs, 10 folded tables
17. 10 sleeping mattresses and 5 bunk beds
18. 15 mattresses for children and 15 blankets
19. 40 children chairs
20. 2 cupboards, 2 bookshelves
21. 10 small plastic tables
22. Trampoline
23. Jungle Gym
24. 4 Big pots
25. Gas stove
26. 2 Electric ovens
27. 3 Big freezers
28. 2 big fridges
29. Cutlery
30. 3 Big Electric kettles
31. Trailer