Grace Love Truth ministries has been hosting international teams for over a decade now; primarily from the US and UK, although we welcome groups from anywhere! We are a cross-cultural group of people working and spreading the message of Jesus grace to those near and far. Teams coming to minister with us have a unique opportunity to not only partner with what we are doing, but to also be exposed to Grace in action, and African adventure! In our beautiful province of KZN we have activities such as hiking, surfing, rock climbing, safari, and snorkeling right on our doorstep.
We love hosting people for various reasons, but mainly it is to see God rock their worldviews and preconceived perceptions and beliefs about Him and others. We have yet to host a group who have not had their eyes open in some way to something. There is something special about partnering with what God is doing in another country, culture, racial group and language. Often we realize how “cultural” our spirituality is and that God works in different ways in different places with different people! This is the beauty of our creative God. We are often humbled and empowered by the Holy Spirit when we come with expectant and open hearts.
If you and your church, university, small group, group of friends, or whomever would like more info on what a ministry trip to GLT looks like please feel free to contact Abby, our international teams leader at abby.mkhwanazi@gmail.com


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500 children get gifts at Chrsitmas party in Embo 2007

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