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In this time when there is an ever increasing rise of legalistic religions, the Holy Spirit is re-establishing the church in Jesus’ unique Gospel of Grace which Paul refers to in Acts 20:24.

For this purpose we are presenting this powerful eight part Bible based The Grace-Love-Truth Course that will revitalize both your spiritual life and understanding of the good news of Jesus’ grace.

The purpose of the course is:

To enable us to understand God’s amazing grace and  favour that is revealed in Jesus.

To change wrong beliefs that are barriers to intimacy with Jesus.

To emphasise the unique message of Christianity: Salvation and life through Jesus Christ is by grace and not by our works.

To reveal Jesus’ finished work on the cross and what this means for us today.

To remove false teachings that results in us feeling unworthy or disqualified to be with God.

To establish us in our identity as beloved and blessed children of the “Abba” Father.

To empower us to live in God’s gift of grace, righteousness and  blessings.

To show that grace is the foundation of a world changing life of love, compassion and justice.

To establish a firm and unshakable Biblical foundation to grace.

It is not our intention to impart more knowledge about Jesus but rather to help us to know Jesus in a more real and intimate way.


1. The Gospel of Grace (Acts 20:24)

2. The New Covenant (Hebrews 8:10-13)

3. Law and Grace (2 Corinthians 3:6)

4. Grace Overcomes Sin (Romans 6:14)

5. Righteousness is a Gift of Grace (Romans 3:22)

6. Children of God – Our New Identity (1 Corinthians 5:17)

7. Our union with Christ (Galatians 2:20)


This course has been written by Garry Hare who is a pastor, overseer and the founder of Grace-Love-Truth Ministries.

Jesus is the most wonderful gift of God, our “Abba Father”.  Jesus is grace, and the Holy Spirit is once again deepening this truth in the Body of Christ, the Church. This is wonderful and good news. We are privileged to be living in an amazing time for the church and the kingdom of God – a time as the church has never known before. Five hundred years ago, the Holy Spirit gave the Reformers, one of whom was Martin Luther, a revelation that we are saved and justified by grace alone. This revelation started to free the church from the false doctrine of salvation through good works. The revelation that salvation was by grace and not by dead works was the catalyst that brought mankind out of the Dark Ages.

Sadly, history shows that the revelation of grace was not fully received and implemented by the Reformers. The majority of church Reformers, who taught salvation by grace alone, ultimately established theologies and governmental church systems that were founded on a mixture of grace and Old Testament Mosaic Law.

The good news is that God is rectifying this error. This is a time of amazing Holy Spirit revelation and new reformation that is revitalizing the church worldwide. The church is once again focussing on the centrality of Christ, his Cross, his grace and that we are beloved children of God  – for these are the foundations of His kingdom.

For the first time since the Apostle Paul, the Holy Spirit is bringing the church back to the understanding that not only are we saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, but we are called to live everyday by the grace of Jesus. Correctly understanding grace and how grace qualifies us is crucial to the effectiveness of the church in this era where there is an increasing flood of harsh legalistic religion.

Without a revelation of the grace and the love of God (1 John 4:16), it is actually impossible to know the truth of God’s purpose for mankind and the church. Grace, truth and Jesus Christ are inseparable (John 1:17).

Lesson 1A will look at what grace is, where it comes from and how it is the unique foundation of  Christian faith…..