Annette Hare



Garry along with his wife Annette, founded and oversees Grace-Love-Truth Ministries. Annette in Rotarua New Zealand in 1959. Their families emigrated to South Africa in the late 1960s. Annette is a qualified nursing sister. Garry and Annette established and managed their own property development company until 1996 from when they went into full time self supporting ministry using their family trust to provide for their needs. At the moment Garry is on a Sabbatical from GLT.

Garry and Annette married in 1981 and now live with their family live in Kloof just outside of Durban in South Africa. They have three children; Ryan (30), Simone (26), Jonathan (19), three foster children; Amanda (15), Dion (13) and Sakina (16) and one grandchild; Ari (3).


Garry and Annette were involved in the Anglican Church from 1991 to 2002 and then left to found “OrphanAid” and to fulfill a call to help establish a network of easily reproducible, relational, simple church communities among the poor and needy. This also involved mentoring young leaders, teaching and equipping believers from various church backgrounds and caring for AIDS orphans. In 2005 Garry and Annette founded “Springside Place of Refuge and Safety”, a safe home for abused women and children. They handed over the leadership of OrphanAid and Springside to a local team of leaders in 2010. Garry is chairman of Grace-Love-Truth Ministries (formerly called Heart to Heart International), a registered NPO and PBO which is an umbrella organization to a number of gospel based mercy & simple church planting ministries. Garry and Annette are accountable to a group of other mature Christians from various church backgrounds, as well as the team which they are part of. They are also linked in with many local churches.